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    Nick Francesco
    Nick Francesco

    Sad day for PiriForm & Avast…



    So lets start with this:

    “The attacker added malware to the CCleaner 5.33.6162 and CCleaner Cloud 1.07.3191 installers, but the malware only executed on 32-bit systems and when run by a user with admin rights.”


    Yes. Well it happened. It should not have happened. BUT, How many times has this happened since CCleaner became available to the masses ? So please, do not persecute Piriform or Avast over this additional malware that was included with that version.

    CCleaner remains my #1 favorite application and I am not going to quit using it because of the recent issue. I also use CCEnhancer that is integrated with CCleaner. Daily.

    The best bet is to use the Slim version that usually is released a bit over a week later as each new build is released. Many people prefer using the Portable version also.




    I regularly used it with XP. I liked it. I haven’t used it since 2012 when I bought my Chromebook.



    All of these people who “never had it, never will” apparently are not aware of what a great application this has been for very many years. Yes, there was this ONE incident that I have never seen happen with CCleaner before, but this should not in itself deter anyone from using CCleaner. I truly believe that the CCleaner people are going to buckle down and be extra careful now to assure that nothing else is included with the installation files in the future.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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