22 Jun 12 What do you think of Project Loon?

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    Nick Francesco
    Nick Francesco

    It needs a better name. But what do you call something that’s basically a Net in the Sky?



    Seems like an appropriate name to me.

    I guess it’s cheaper than launching satellites.



    I don’t really see what a group of birds in northern Wisconsin has to do with computer talk, but I’m open-minded.



    I agree with ScreenScream. I have heard of the birds, but no vote from me on Project Loon because I know nothing about it. I think that maybe the poll questions need to me more focused on topics that more of us common folk are familiar with ?



    In case anyone really doesn’t get it, Bal-Loon, Internet delivered via stratospheric balloons. Sounds interesting in theory but a few questions pop to mind. How long do they expect them to stay in their initial location. I have to assume not tethered otherwise planes will crash. If not, steering by going up and down? Sounds problematic at best. As a tool after natural disaster it sounds like a brilliant idea.

    Not for common folk? What could be more common folk than third world Abariginal common folk? They deserve Facebook just like the rest of us. Good poll Nick, learned a bunch in just a couple Googled minutes.



    Jim, you must understand, not all of us folks who listen to Soundbytes occasionally, or call in with questions about simple computer issues, are up to date with all of the latest technology in the internet (provider) world. Yes, I know…Google it. OK. The common folk that I was referring to is myself and others who may stray upon this site…not those in third world countries…although we are becoming one. 🙂



    I’ve been almost as disconnected as a person with a computer can be but I did hear about this through normal media, can’t remember if was network or cable news. I didn’t think it was super techy just to know what it was. Maybe one of the answers should be (I don’t have any idea what you’re talking about).

    I’m curious about everyday stuff as well as Looney stuff. How about, Who supplies your phone service? It used to be an easy question but now….
    Time Time Warner
    Magic Jack
    No Land Line, only cell
    Cell phone thingy plugged into my home phone.
    Gosh even this has too many choices.

    BTW, I just found out Jazz guitarist Glen Cummings will be in downtown Webster at the Mona Lisa Cafe June 6. Playing with friends I believe. Used to play with Cabo Frio.

    There’s another poll, what kind of music do you stream.

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