2 Jul 16 – Customer wins $10K judgment from Microsoft over unauthorized Windows

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    Nick Francesco
    Nick Francesco

    Pretty specific circumstances in this case, but should everybody sue Microsoft?

    About Windows 10 auto-upgrades, I mean, not just in general…



    Looks like she really did her homework. I think Microsoft will fight a lot harder on the next one though. I tried to find out what argument they put forth but couldn’t find it in any of the articles. I’d imagine they’d point to something in the Windows 7 and 8 EULAs.



    In this case, it was a business woman that had substantial losses (greater than $10,000) due to her messed up computer, and she sued in small-claims court. Essentially, Microsoft chose not to defend themselves (sending a clerk, not a lawyer, from a local Microsoft owned store).

    But, being in business, you would think she should have been running a good backup often on her working system. Lightning, besides Microsoft, has been known to strike computers.

    I wish people pushing Windows 10 would stop badmouthing Win 7 and saying it will be wide open to security risks. If I understand the limited support that Win 7 is now receiving, it still will be for security updates. Only thing being dropped as of now are program improvements. I seem to still be getting plenty of Win 7 updates.



    She deserved more. And more would’ve at least had Billy boy more closely consider these kinds of tactics. Losing $10,000 for Microsoftpenis is like me losing a piece of used toilet paper. I’ll never miss it.



    This is madness. Where are the backups? What if a power surge would have taken out that computer? I do like that Microsoft’s tactics are starting to have some sting though. $10K for a multibillion dollar company is a drop in the bucket.

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    I think she may have had a backup but couldn’t get the upgraded computer working again and didn’t have time to setup a new one with her specialized business software.

    I agree HotDawg, let’s stop the Win 7 FUD. Security updates are what I consider normal support anyway. Sure you can’t call Microsoft, but who calls Microsoft directly? This lady apparently did, and we see how helpful that was.

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