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    Nick Francesco
    Nick Francesco

    I thought this was an early April Fool’s joke, but it’s apparently real! Why do you think Microsoft would do this?



    Actually this should give the user a Ubuntu command line environment, but no GUI. Now, what happens when I install wine?



    One online article I read described this as not virtualization yet referred to it as an Ubuntu “image,” and said Linux binaries would not have to be recompiled. I suggest this might be called “eniW,” or Wine in reverse (Wine runs Windows binaries unaltered on Linux, so this runs Linux binaries unaltered on Windows!)

    I personally don’t have much of an incentive to use this; I already install Cygwin on (just about all) Windows systems I have to use, including a SSHd so I can get in over the Internet. Something tells me this is going to have some of the same issues as Cygwin due to not having certain paradigms, like the process model and setuid(). (See the SudoWin program; it runs as a highly privileged service which is allowed to access the desktop.) Plus I’d love to know how things like Netfilter (iptables) is supposed to run.

    I’d rather just have Linux instead of some bastardization of it running on top of Windows.



    I really like what this new CEO is doing. But, 1) PowerShell already was a nice step towards embracing the CLI, and 2) not sure how useful BASH would be without the full set of GNU core utilities.

    In other news, how about Microsoft lobotomizing its chatbot after it developed wrongthink 🙂 #JusticeForTay



    My understanding is the full Ubuntu repositories will be available to BASH. Since there won’t be any desktop screen available, that limits the usefulness to command line utilities.

    If you want to use RSYNC for backups, that should be possible. I’m not sure if things like CRON will work.

    One website I saw says that BASH will be running in a sandbox-type environment, but will have access to all your files and I/O.

    With everyone getting forced into Win 10, this will make life easier for those writing malware — only one version of Win to aim for. But with the inclusion of BASH, that opens up new routes for them to explore.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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