19 Jul 17 – Google Home Gets Free US & Canada Phone Calls

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    Nick Francesco
    Nick Francesco

    Now both Google Home and Amazon Alexa can make calls. Because, y’know, picking up that sleek smartphone you paid $800 for is SO last month!



    So far I guess the Caller ID passed along isn’t, because the call isn’t coming from a phone. I think Google is going to provide a way to associate a telephone number with your Google Home.

    I would have to revise my contacts list because there are too many names in mine that are similar. The poor pseudo-girl gets confused, and she got me confused in trying to straighten things out.

    And, I don’t know what I would do if I called some company with one of these automated menus where you have to push this or that to get somewhere. My Google Home doesn’t have any push buttons.

    And, Google is listening to everything said, so she will know when you tell her to hang up.

    The one test call I did make went to a Google number, and the message I left had excellent voice quality. On the other hand, I did not hear anything until the other end picked the call up. No ringing signals, or such.


    With my VoIP service (Flowroute), people calling often tell me that I picked up before they heard it ring (even though I obviously heard it ringing or I wouldn’t have picked up). I wonder why that happens.

    Also, my service let’s me set any CallerID I want. That can be fun when people have phones that say the CallerID.



    These days the ringing signal a caller hears is generated locally.

    In the olden days, there was an audio path between the caller and the destination phone, even before that phone was picked up, and the ring the caller heard was actually from the ring signal to the called telephone.

    These days, there is no path for audio until the connection has been established. The ring signal, busy, or reorder signals are a product of the originating switch, based on digital information passed back via the connection between the telephone switches.

    And, when is the last time you have heard a busy signal, or a reorder signal? I think they have been phased out, at least for the reorder signal. And, almost everyone runs with either call-waiting or voice mail these days, and those rule out a busy signal.


    Rev 2

    Google Home Gets Free US & Canada Phone Calls

    …but only if they approve of what you’re saying.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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