18 Jan 14 Obama announces reforms to NSA phone surveillance

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    Nick Francesco
    Nick Francesco

    And, people, let’s not descend into the infantile arglebargle that typifies so much political discussion on the Internet, okay?

    Let’s stick to the topic at hand. NSA reforms. M’kay? Thanks.



    I don’t trust democrats. I don’t trust republicans. In fact, I hate them both. (Ooops).



    I don’t think reforms to the spying is what people want. I suspect most people find the whole thing repulsive.

    In fairness to our current President — he wasn’t the one to start this. Look at the leaders before him.


    I don’t see what he actually promised except to stop spying on world leaders which unfortunately doesn’t do me any good 🙂



    Finally a topic that I can relate to and can vote on. What a crock, Barack !….The original I didn’t know about that, executive order signing, Teflon man President. And yes, now that I am a reformed independent thinker, there are many problems with both parties. (Nick, cool way to finally generate some interest in this forum…introduce some politics !) Can we get the old forum back now ? Remember, with no current events.


    Dan Warren

    After 9/11 everyone was gung ho on the Patriot Act or you weren’t a loyal American. Now that the scope of what that allowed the NSA to is has been exposed, many of the same politicos are aghast that the NSA has used those powers.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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