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    Nick Francesco
    Nick Francesco

    Someone get the Vaseline… Thank goodness I’ve got Greenlight!



    Well now, where to start ?

    If my neighbors here in Webster would get off their butts and come on board, we could have Greenlight also, but sadly, my Greenlight district is stuck at a hopelessly low 29% of Greenlight’s sign up goal. I paid my deposit last July 14. Sadly, I do not think that we will see Greenlight here for the next couple of years. So what to do ? Frontier ? LOL… Best they can give me is 6/1 service and they are not motivated at all to upgrade their infrastructure.

    Time Warner has begun the Maxx upgrades here in NY State and the good news is that this Charter merger is not going to stop those of us who are currently Time Warner internet subscribers from getting the new speeds. My 30/5 Extreme internet speed level is going to 200/20. Those who have 50/5 service now will be seeing 300/20. Those who have 15/1 standard service right now will be seeing 50/5 speed. So it is not all that bad and I am looking forward to getting the new cable internet speeds because as I said, my neighbors are not interested that much in Greenlight. I was told that speed improvements that are underway would continue despite the now approved merger. The Hudson Valley area and Central NY State region are being upgraded now and the Rochester area is next with the analog TV signal going away in several months.

    The NY State approval of the Charter/TW merger was only made after Charter agreed to certain terms.

    So yes, I know that Greenlight is the better value and offers higher speeds for less money than we pay the cable company, but I am looking forward to better speeds soon from the New Charter. Keeping an open mind here and waiting to see what develops.



    Fairport isn’t even listed yet for Greenlight. My parents have the 15/1 TWC service so that’s good news about the upgrade. Probably have to get them a new modem instead of the 10 year old one I gave them because it was collecting dust in my garage (amazed it worked).



    Christian, it still all is a bit confusing. Charter is going to provide a minimum speed of 60 Mbps in NY State and they are also going to keep the $14.99 priced internet level for three years for existing customers and two years for new customers. Time Warner’s Maxx plans call for this….

    Everyday Low Price Customers 2/1 going to 3/1
    Basic Customers 3/1 going to 10/1
    Standard Customers 15/1 going to 50/5
    Turbo Customers 20/2 going to 100/10
    Extreme Customers 30/5 going to 200/20
    Ultimate Customers 50/5 going to 300/20

    Basic customers locally get 6/1 for $49.99, so they would be bumped to 10/1.

    I guess that what I am saying is that New Charter’s plans and service is for sure going to vary a bit across the country. Right now they only have two plans from what I understand. 60 down and 100 down.



    Racer, thanks for clarifying – will keep an eye out for any announcements.

    Was only able to catch the first 20 minutes today. I’m still confused. What’s so bad about usage-based pricing, assuming it could be structured in a way that keeps the average costs the same?

    Also, regarding interconnection fees for services like Netflix (avoided as a condition of the merger), by what possible means could TWC collect them? The only thing I can think of is that they could block their customers from accessing Netflix’s website, which doesn’t seem politically feasible.



    I enjoyed that first hour of the show with Mr. Dampier being on. I was able to listen to the first ten minutes when I was in the car, but made a point to watch the YouTube video last night. It was all quite interesting and also verified for me that my understanding of this Charter deal was not that far away from what he was talking about. I am pretty much giving up on getting Greenlight anytime soon and may just settle for the new Turbo level speed from New Charter. It will be more expensive than the current Greenlight 100/20 price, and the upload speed will be 10 megs slower, but my current modem should handle 100/10 just fine. Current stand alone Turbo pricing is at $69.99 where as Greenlight collects a flat $50 for 100/20.

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