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    Nick Francesco
    Nick Francesco

    Seriously. No more updates (well, security updates, but nothing else).


    Windows 7? You’ve got to be kidding me! I was just about to build a new computer for 7! So when’s the date?

    Well, as long as there going to still be doing security updates, I guess that’s good enough.



    I specifically bought my latest puter last Dec WITH 7, cuz I couldn’t deal with the touch-8.

    I’m fine with security-only updates. Any others would likely be unwelcome anyway.

    My other puter still has XP…I just don’t have it connected to the web.

    Kickin’ and screamin’.



    I am rockin Windows 8.1 right now. Stable as heck. I do not use the metro screen. Desktop environment using the wonderful Classic Shell program. Works great !



    They’re gonna have the exact same situation as they did with XP, people hanging on to it until the end of extended support (Jan 2020) for the simple reason that people don’t like Windows 8.

    Their best chance at changing that is to make Windows 9 user friendly and affordable.

    It looks like they might be taking steps they hope will make it more acceptable:



    The guys are trying to panic everyone about this Windows 7 support deal. Why ? I am not worried about support in the sense that I need to call Microsoft as a user of it’s product…All I am concerned with is critical security updates, and those will continue. One of our machines has Windows 7 on it. We cannot confuse support to mean a lack of critical updates.

    “On January 13th, 2015, all of these products and services will be moving to Extended Support, a five year plan which includes regular, free security updates and paid hotfix support. After the deadline, design changes and new features will no longer be considered though. If you’re still using Windows 7, don’t worry — Extended Support isn’t set to end until January 14th, 2020 and Windows 9 should make its debut well before that date.”



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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