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    Nick Francesco
    Nick Francesco

    Whether you have ALS or arthritis, ATDs can help!



    Having a severe hearing loss, I can certainly vouch for what hearing aids can do for people like myself.

    However, even with the hearing aids, the frequency response of one ear is far different from the other, As a result, I can only really communicate on a telephone using a speakerphone, where both ears get to work together.

    One popular talk-in radio show makes the announcement “they haven’t invented a good speakerphone yet — don’t use one”, and that rules out my calling in. So, I guess a good speakerphone is still on the list of things to qualify as an ATD.

    Nick Francesco
    Nick Francesco

    I completely understand your problem. My solution was earbuds. Works for me even better than my speakerphone. And even when I had a landline, I got a phone with a jack for the earbuds. Make phone calls a whole lot easier.



    Like HotDawg, I also have a rather severe hearing impairment and I have worn hearing aids for almost two years now. Interesting enough, my right ear is worse than the left. 40 years of being a machinist and exposure to some rock and roll and of course loud race cars at the Glen and elsewhere years ago has not helped.

    So, today I have a device arriving from Amazon that will plug into the digital audio out on my TV and will transmit a blue tooth signal so that I can wear ear buds or headphones of some type. They obviously must be blue tooth capable. Any recommendations as to what listening device I should buy ? When I listen to the TV now, I hear words being spoken, but when there is a lot of back and forth dialogue, I cannot understand what is being said or make out all of the words. And CC is not a good option. I do not always have my eyes glued to the TV screen.

    When I talk on my phone, the left hearing aid it removed and I put the phone up to my left ear. Sometimes I use the speaker phone. I have a Galaxy S8 + phone.



    There is unquestionably something wrong with today’s audio technology, such as TV. People often turn it up because they can’t hear the voices…while the sound/volume itself is BLASTING.

    So why can’t people HEAR the voices?

    Something is up with that.


    J.D. Gallaway

    An obvious oversight.. no pun intended… Glasses & contact lenses.

    Not to downplay any other disability requirements, in fact, very nearly the opposite: when enough people need something, the market opens up and provides for them. Its a flaw in our capitalistic society.

    How many of us wouldn’t be able to survive as we do without corrective lenses?

    My career requires annual vision testing, I know for a fact that without my glasses, I’d lose my 100k/yr job.I can barely make out at 20ft, what most people can see at 200!

    My point is that we should be more observant of the needs of others, because sooner than any of us would like to admit, we will be on the needing end of these devices.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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