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Racerbob is correct, albeit a little harsh.

First, I like change, and I happen to like this reset, its new, modern, and a decent ‘socal media’ based design. I also like Windows 8 metro. I like a little challenge, finding stuff. AND IT’s NOT BLUE… AGREED NICK!!!

I understand that there was a trust between the person in charge of the server and the guys. But, for whatever reason, this trust was not fulfilled. I don’t imagine that whomever was taking care of the system was getting paid to do so. Likely a big fan of the show just lending a hand. Just as likely, they have a job, kids, cars, lawns… lives. Sometimes there is no time for hobby’s and they get pushed to the bottom of the list.

The loss of data, and lots of it is very real in a digital world. Anyone reading this has had it happen to them, no one is immune, not even class leaders like Nick, Steve and Dave. That will likely not change in the foreseeable future. I am personally awaiting the first major ‘Cloud’ failure, or malicious attack. It is absolutely inevitable as the digital world heads in that direction.

I have had several instances of Malicious code and machine failures: Each left some data unrecoverable, even using the best of the care and practice. You simply can’t know every pitfall until you… uh, fall in the pit.

A little tale of whoa… Even with Carbonite backing me up, the last crash I dealt with exposed a huge flaw in the way on line back up systems work with QuickBooks .qbw extensions. (If QB is open, the .qbw file, which is the ‘real time’ backbone of the program is NOT being backed up because it is in use by the system.) Any data entered will not be saved until the program is closed. Up til’ then, I might leave QB open for weeks at a time. All that data is unrecoverable.

The lesson being, the back up of the old site may have been being done in good faith, the key word being faith.