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It is my understanding that the server crashed ? As far as a back up, only Nick and the guys can answer that question.

I tend to look at things lately with a much more open mind. Nick, Steve and Dave do this as a labor of love, not because they get paid for doing so. As much as I miss the old board (with the exception of a few of the areas that will not be mentioned in this post), I do understand why Nick chose to go with WordPress. This format allows the Soundbytes page to be tied in much tighter with the forum and indeed, we can reply to posts that are made on the main page weekly by the guys.

I agree that a lot of history was lost from the old board. Certainly, people can no longer go there to post, but it can be somewhat accessed here, but only up until early 2012.*/

I also wish that I was using the old board format right now to type this post in. I do wish also that some things at this board could be taken care of…such as us having the ability to post videos from YouTube and other sites and then being able to see the whole video and not just half a screen display. And finally, I wish that more of the many folks who frequented the old board…where are you Neb ?… would sign up here and start posting ! I miss interacting with many friends from that board and it seems that there is no mad rush by them to sign up for this board.

So considering that the guys all have regular jobs and multiple regular jobs, I will be happy with what we have and look forward.