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Start button, SCHMART button… 8 is a good system…

I know Dave is a big critic. (we all need crotchety old geezers to keep us honest, they are seldom wrong).

Nick will always be indifferent cuz’ he is a LYNX guy and loves the endless battle with the edge and feeling ‘undegroundeeeeeee’. (It’s not REALLY underground if ANYONE can have it.)

Steve, has the best voice and laugh in radio… His format choices are suspect at best though.

Fact is, this is a GREAT O.S., best since the NT revolution for my money. So, really for the two minutes it takes to love, modify or ignore the ‘Metro screen’ (Oh which Apple will emulate, I predict) Ya’ll need to relax, it’s more of the same, and that’s good.

7 er… 8 is running a circa 8086 DOS base inventory program I have used for 20 plus years. It has installed flawlessly through every iteration presented thus far. I say Bravo to Windows and how they move forward without dumping on their past. The more it changes, the more it remains the same.

Had I bought something based on say; the Apple Lisa, I would have had to spend the GDP of a small third world country keeping pace. Think I’m full of it? How bout the iMac, the ‘Toaster’ cube.. et.el. Apple’s stuff is fancy expensive, overbuilt garbage, that ends up residing in landfills long before R.O.I. Most of it is obsolete the day you pay for it.

Apple based servers anyone??

The Emperor has no cloths and the truth hurts sometimes.

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  • This reply was modified 4 years, 3 months ago by  Slammer.