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I appreciate the response.

It isn’t the sharing of the music files that is the problem; it appears I can transfer them just by copying to a flash drive. Most have been imported from CD and are not protected. But, I was hoping to just use the playlist structure from the newer iTunes version and re-create the same CDs that I created in the past, complete with track names, album names, etc. At first glance, it doesn’t look like the old iTunes version does that. But perhaps I should put the songs from a playlist on a flash drive, move those to the old iTunes and see what happens. It would be a pain, but not overwhelming for the half dozen playlists involved.

I will try the Target Mode and see what happens; I am now curious.

I’m just cheap and hoped to avoid buying another drive. Plus, see my comments in the other topic using the link in the post above. I’m not yet convinced it is a hardware problem.

Thanks again.