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My iTunes issue has been resolved. Shane wrote a reg fix for his program, and my iTunes CD burning issue is resolved. The tweaking app also repaired the very shaky HP Support Assistant problem I had. Could never get the program to install properly. That’s fixed as well. I was sent a repaired reg file I had to unzip with 7-Zip and install. That fixed everything.

I don’t know if “ All in One” is for everyone. The reason I had problems with iTunes was that I had unchecked ituneshelper in Revo uninstaller Autorun manager. Tweaking uses itunes helper to detect itunes. iTunes helper was unchecked, so tweaking acted like itunes wasn’t installed, but it was, and itunes CD burning upper and lower filters were crippled by tweaking. The issue has been resolved as per Mr Shane.

If you are somewhat comfortable messing around in the Windows 7 Registry you should be OK, but be forewarned that will fix Windows Reg issues that may not need fixing.

I like it and will support it. I give it a 9 out of 10

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