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I have a similar setup with TW, Router and Ooma with few problems but I’ll start with my configuration. The cable connects to the Cisco modem/router combination offered by Time Warner. I use my own NETGEAR router plugged into the TW Router for most Internet traffic. I keep the Ooma plugged into one of the other ports on the TW modem/router and all seems to work well. Without knowing which hardware TW provided you I’ll assume you don’t have a combo from TW and just plug the Ooma into the router into the cable modem. Is this correct?

At least that’s the ooma quick start guide recommendation. One thing to try would be plug the Ooma into the modem and the router into the Ooma. At least that way you see if the connection is lost at your router or the Ooma. If the ooma lights say blue and the router drops, it’s the router. If Ooma turns red (the logo) then it’s the modem that’s dropping the connection.

If it doesn’t cost any more I’d ask TW for a combo router/modem. It should be all you need but I’ll admit that the Cisco combo that TW supplied has terrible range and dropped wifi connections regularly. I logged into the TW router admin page and gave my NETGEAR router a static IP address. TW says I’m not supposed to have access to it’s admin functions on their cisco but the default login username and password worked. I think I did hard reset on their modem so if they had better control over their hardware I should not have been able to do that.

First things first though, change the order of the devices to see if you find the weak link. My original TW modem didn’t play well with vonage but the newer hardware works ok with Ooma.

Which hardware do you have from TW? And, Ooma Telo, right?

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  • This reply was modified 4 years, 8 months ago by  Jim.