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So, end of story, it works. Had to run out to IKEA and buy a small table for it. Even though I ordered the “DN” model, they ship you the standard version and a separate box containing the “duplexer unit”. It only took a couple minutes to install though. Did the manual color registration as was suggested in a couple of reviews. The printer was automatically detected by CUPS, just had to add the downloaded PPD file. No need for any software since everything is configurable via its web interface and LCD panel. The other Debian laptop in my house is setup to search my desktop for printers. I forgot about that, went to set it up, and was pleasantly surprised when I saw the new printer was already installed and set as default.

By the way, I held one of the pages up to a blue light, and you actually can see a yellow dot pattern on printed pages (I checked a blank page just to be sure and they weren’t there). What is this for?