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At first I had the [Linux] server configured without NAT. This was nice as I could easily communicate between subnets. However I did end up adding SNAT so I could get internet access from my desktop on the wired network.

I’ve found that most docs showing a wired-wireless bridge assume that the ethernet card connects to upstream and so the wireless card is acting as an access point. Since I’m trying to do the opposite, it makes things more difficult. Here’s someone who’s trying to do the same thing as me. Note that no solution is offered.

One question I have is what mode should the wireless card be in? I initially tried managed (client) mode since this is what works without the bridge. It might still be the right way but I don’t know things need to look in /etc/network/interfaces. Using master (AP) mode is wrong since I’m trying to connect to an AP. WDS looks promising. So does something called 4addr.

Good tip about using NFS to edit files. That might be available. I have a feeling the filesystem is read-only though. I’m sure I could modify the router if needed and I might mess with it some day just for fun but for now having a single internal subnet seems like it will be the simpler solution.

I’m in no rush. While double NATing isn’t ideal, it’s working well enough for now.