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OK.  Glad you didn’t have that telnet access open to the world 🙂

If I understand it correctly, you are using the server really as a second router to do NAT between the wired side and the wireless?  If so, that may be your problem.  You really want everything to be running on one subnet, so so the WPN824N can do it’s job on the NAT.  I don’t know what OS you run on the server, but certainly if Linux, you should be able to bridge the two ethernet cards (wired and wireless) together.  If you have to do some type of NAT in the server, then maybe have your two subnets adjacent to each other, and open the router up to include both in one subnet?  (Just thinking on this.)

I ended up getting some of the powerline ethernet adapters here, for a different reason — but a pair of those would connect the router over to the other side of the room.  Then a switch (or hub) could fan that out for what you need to connect.  The ones I got were by TrendNet, and when Newegg has them on sale they usually run about $40 for a pair.  I know there are other brands out there also, but can’t speak for how well they work.

If your server is running Windoze, have you looked at their internet sharing function?  That might do what you are looking for, but then again it might give you the problems you have now.

And (finally) when you telnet into the WPN824N, can you mount an external drive or folder using NFS?  Then you could modify files outside the router using the editor of your choice.