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I haven’t had time to do much more and get frustrated again, but I need to clarify what happens. First, mounting Audio CDs may just SEEM to take longer than before; the drive sometimes churns more than I thought it used to. Mounting other CDs seems to be fine. Eventually, all but a few do mount, and as I recall, the ones that don’t mount are ones that I burned “successfully” recently, not purchased ones [they mount & play fine]. Even ones I burned successfully a while ago will play completely. If I try to mount an audio CD that aborted, I forget exactly what happens, so won’t confuse the issue; I know it actually hangs the player, but I don’t recall if when mounting or when attempting to play beyond the abort point, or either one. If I burn a non-audio CD, I have never had one fail, but I am not really sure how full they were.

When burning unsuccessfully, if the audio CD is full @ 30 songs [about 74 minutes], it always stops around song 15. If I reduce the playlist to 20 songs [50 minutes], it STILL aborts at song 15. It does not abort halfways through any playlist; it aborts halfways through a full list, so at the same point on the CD.

All of this points me every time to the hardware, but why do non-audio CDs not have any problems? Which then leads me back to the audio CD burning software more so than hardware, except for the repeatability of the abort. ????

As I read the link above, it says that it does not support audio CDs.

Thanks very much for your interest and attempts to help.