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I haven’t had time to do much along these lines in the past couple of weeks, but did try burning a shortened playlist, about 1/2 of max, and got the same result. I got an abort at about the same time into the burn, which leads me to think that there is some hardware “bind” that causes it at the same location on the CD. So far, I have been able to read CDs, but sometimes they don’t load properly @ first try. And I can still burn regular files, but don’t know whether I am reaching the same point on the CD. I can play Audio CDs in full.

What about this? I have an ancient iBook G4 that has been sitting in a closet – I used it as a backup for while. It runs OS 10.3.9 and has iTunes 7. I assume that I cannot copy my current Music folder to that laptop and burn the CD on it – because the current Music Library file is certainly incompatible? Or can I? But what about somehow connecting the laptop to my iMac, telling the iMac to access the laptop CD drive, and burning on the laptop from the iMac?

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