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Dave, I’ve created many coasters over the years. Most of the time I never figured out what went wrong. Thank goodness CDs are so cheap! A while back I bought a giant thing of CD-Rs and it doesn’t look like I’ll ever end up using them. I don’t create many CDs anymore either. The one music CD I do listen to a lot is actually a rewritable CD. The program I used (Brasero on Linux) gave me a warning that some music players won’t handle a rewritable CD but my car seems to have no problem with it. I’ve erased and rewritten it several times now to add and remove tracks. You might try a rewritable CD so if the burning fails you won’t end up with more coasters. I haven’t tried the program called “Burn” myself. I don’t think it can work with playlists, iTunes or other. Does whatever player you’re using work with MP3 disks? The player in my car does but I still made a traditional audio CD out of habit.

I was going to suggest generating an ISO file instead of an actual disk and then if that works OK, using Disk Utility to burn the ISO. It turns out that you can’t make an ISO file for an audio CD. There may be other options but I’ve reached the end of my knowledge about audio CDs.