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I don’t know if this helps you but with Firefox under preferences -> content, you can select a default font. Next to that selection are two buttons, “advanced” and “colors”. The advanced button lets you unselect a box which say “allow pages to choose their own fonts instead of my selections above”. I have this unchecked so I see Microsoft’s Arial font (yes, even on Linux) on all webpages. Arial is widely regarded as the best font for reading text on a screen. Perhaps more useful to you, the other button, “colors”, allows you access to a similar checkbox which can override a site’s font and background colors. I just tried it and it works nicely.

The web was designed so that sites specify their look in an general way and it’s up to each browser to interpret that. Over time site designers wanted more and more control which is why we started seeing sites designed entirely in Flash. Luckly Flash is dying out so this should work for the vast majority of sites.