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DVDs use the VOB container format for storing video, audio and subtitles. If Final Cut can’t import those directly, you can use a transcoding tool to convert to something more universal like MP4. I like ffmpeg for this.

Something like this should do it:
ffmpeg -i <input-file>.vob -acodec copy -vcodec copy <output-file>.mp4

The “copy” options tell ffmpeg to put the audio and video streams into the new container (MP4) without re-encoding. Anytime you re-encode you’ll lose a bit of quality.

There’s a GUI version for OS X here:

If you want the real deal (the command line tool), there’s versions for OS X here:

Alternatively, you can get it using Macports or Fink.

Update: Final Cut Pro might not support AC3 audio in an MP4 container. It might be better to re-encode the audio to the more common AAC like so:
ffmpeg -i <input-file>.vob -acodec libfaac -ab 384k -vcodec copy <output-file>.mp4

Finally, I’ve heard there’s a trick where you can simply change the extension from .vob to .mpg, which might help programs that don’t recognize VOB. This works because VOB is just a specific type of MPEG.