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I only use my Time Warner main e mail account for receiving billing notices and for TW bill payment confirmation e mails from Time Warner. I have a couple e mail addresses and a couple Hotmail addresses…one of which that I have had for 13 years or so now. Of course, I have the prerequisite GMail account that I need to have for my Android phone. All of my e mail accounts, with the exception of GMail are set up in my Thunderbird e mail program.

One thing that is useful is that I have iMap server settings set up for the Outlook and Hotmail accounts and most importantly, the one thing that I have noticed is that the connection security for those accounts is SSL/TLS where as for Time Warner e mail there is none ?

I like the fact that I can access my e mail in Thunderbird (or any other e mail program) rather than having to go to the website and another reason why I do not take advantage of my ISP provided e mail accounts is that IF I decided next year, for example, to switch service providers to Frontier (I might…if they upgrade my neighborhood’s speed…I hear that is coming), then I do not have to inform everyone that I have a new e mail address once the Time Warner address goes away.

To the OP…treat the e mail that you received as spam. Nothing more, nothing less.