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Like HotDawg, I also have a rather severe hearing impairment and I have worn hearing aids for almost two years now. Interesting enough, my right ear is worse than the left. 40 years of being a machinist and exposure to some rock and roll and of course loud race cars at the Glen and elsewhere years ago has not helped.

So, today I have a device arriving from Amazon that will plug into the digital audio out on my TV and will transmit a blue tooth signal so that I can wear ear buds or headphones of some type. They obviously must be blue tooth capable. Any recommendations as to what listening device I should buy ? When I listen to the TV now, I hear words being spoken, but when there is a lot of back and forth dialogue, I cannot understand what is being said or make out all of the words. And CC is not a good option. I do not always have my eyes glued to the TV screen.

When I talk on my phone, the left hearing aid it removed and I put the phone up to my left ear. Sometimes I use the speaker phone. I have a Galaxy S8 + phone.