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I’m interested in what people think about the opposite end of internet regulations. Net Neutrality was put in place because many ISPs are effectively monopolies, but so are sites like Facebook and Youtube, and Net Neutrality doesn’t regulate them at all. Online censorship is becoming a bigger issue, and people are starting to recognize that social media is a de-facto public square. The same people who favor Net Neutrality suddenly go all “muh private business!” when we start talking about applying 1st Amendment principles to social networks.

These services ARE private businesses. The Constitution provides for freedom of speech; the government can’t interfere with it. The Constitution also severely restricts the government’s ability to interfere with private property; IE telling a business it has to operate in a way the government demands.

The only legal solution I can see would be a govt. operated service. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t trust the govt. to be a bias-free censor. Look how biased NPR is.