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I tried Kaspersky a couple of months back. This was the new free version they came out with. I had heard a bunch of good things about it, but before I guess they only had paid versions. I tend to be cheap.

For several years I had been using Avast, and never had a problem, except for the constant pop-up ads to upgrade. I went from the free version to some level of paid version, but every time I turned around they wanted me to upgrade more. Finally, I said “enough”.

I tried the Kaspersky. That was the new no-cost version. I had serious problems with email, and it was over-aggressive in blocking many sites. Enough!

My ISP (TWX/Spectrum/whatever) offers McAfee — the full package — for free. So I tried that. Way back, McAfee I felt was the best. But this version was sucking the CPU resources on my computer something fierce. While with the Avast, I would be running maybe 20% CPU all the time, with McAfee it was a constant 50+%. Much too much.

While I had the McAfee up, I was seeing a bunch of internet traffic. I had, I thought, removed the Kaspersky. But, there was constant traffic going on with them. I finally went in, and all the files that were left over when I deleted them, I manually dumped. My guess, when it was active, every site I went to was sent to Kaspersky for their approval. I did manage to shut that down.

After McAfee, I decided to give AVG a try. It seems to be doing whatever it should. This, again, is the free version. My CPU load approaches zero when the computer isn’t doing anything. I’m not finding much to bitch about with them. A few non-intrusive pop-ups, but I can put up with those.

Back to the Kaspersky — I did not feel the fact they are located in Russia was a problem for me. It did bother me a bit that they were aware of everywhere on the internet that I went. But, I don’t have any state secrets the computers, and if they were reading the contents of all my hard drives I have nothing to hide. I did not see any evidence they were using my computer as a relay point in sucking information out of some other computers on the internet.

I guess, if it works well for you, I would stick with them.