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Just some random thoughts that may trigger some ways to troubleshoot this on your part.

Since this problem started with the upgrade to the 60 Mbps service, was there a router change connected with that? If so, possibly the router you were using was handling things differently than with the new one. Two things come to mind — the IP address the printer is drawing from the router might be changing. (I like to assign a permanent IP address to fixed devices.) The other is whether the router has UPnP turned on. That lets devices on your LAN to be discovered regardless of what their current IP address is.

On your printer itself, you should be able to print out a report on the WLAN status. You might want to do that when everything is working OK, and then again when the connectivity fails.

The Brother printers I have here have a web page you can access (internally generated in the printer) where you can view status and change settings. I’m not sue if yours has that, and if it could be accessed from your wife’s computer, since that is hardwired in.

Might there be some interaction between the USB connection to your wife’s computer and the wireless interface? In other words, if your wife prints something, might that disable the wireless interface?

Is your printer located where you might use ethernet to connect to it instead of WiFi? That would take one potential trouble point out of the equation.

If you can access your router, can you check and see if the printer is shown as being connected when it isn’t responding? You might need to note your printer’s MAC address to do that. Unfortunately, my router here only shows the devices that have drawn an IP address via DMCP — not all currently connected devices, so YMMV.

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