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Sounds like you have had your hands full on this one.

When you can’t access particular sites, like those belonging to Microsoft, you need to check out the HOSTS file. One of the anti-malware programs I used populated that with a lot of bad sites to block them out. And, I see no reason why some malware couldn’t as easily block Microsoft.

I did see a couple references to gaining access to a RAW partition by assigning a drive letter to it. I don’t understand why that would work — and did not think it could be done, anyhow. But here, running Win 7, I found I could create a RAW partition, and then assign a drive letter to it.

Where do you stand at this point in being able to access that drive? I guess you have solved that problem.

I just recently (like this past week) run across a utility called AOMEI Partition Assistant that seems like it could do many things. It is freeware (they do have a paid version also), and can run in Windows or Linux. I believe they also even have a stand-alone version (based upon Linux) you can run from a DVD.

There used to be a utility for sale called CleanSweep that would created an installation package from an installed program so that program could be re-installed somewhere else. It collected all the registry settings, and everything strewn around the hard drive that belonged to a program. I don’t know if anything like that still exists.