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Backup registry didn’t help because they were all gone. The history on this beast was that the owner had at one time made it a duel boot system with xp and windows 7. When he removed the window 7 portion it wasn’t pretty. I remotely scanned the drive and found several nasty viruses along with numerous malware. After that I was able to boot into xp but with multiple errors such as: unable to access the windows update page or any other page that had the name microsoft in the address. If I accessed the desktop properties page there were no tabs visible, just monitor adjustments. I found that the .net installations were corrupted. I initially attempted to do a repair with the setup disk but it would go into a setup loop and never finish. I tried reloading sp3 with no difference. Tried a rollback to sp2 but the recovery files were missing. Fortunately I had done a full backup using easeus, so every time I ran into a brick wall I was able to restore it. Between isolating many flawed registry settings I was able to export proper entries using another pc. It was like peeling an onion with tiny steps of improvement. Finally once I was able to get the update page to work everything began to fall into place.