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The Arris SB6xxx line is a venerated brand. It’s a cable modem, nothing more. I have the SB6120, the predecessor to the current SB6121, and am quite pleased with it. Since Spectrum has frozen plans for upgrades in much of upstate NY, short term capability is limited, and for getting anything less than about 100Mbps the SB6121 is adequate; it bonds 4 channels downstream and 4 upstream. If you move up to a ‘141, the top capability speed is higher, plus you will bond more channels together (8/4). What this means is less contention for trying to transmit something. Think of using more channels as adding more parallel communication lines, so that less has to go down each line for the same throughput. If you want some measure of “future proofing,” you might want to consider the extra expense of an SB6183, which will bond 16 channels (and allow for up to 686 Mbps downstream). Of course, how many channels actually used is controlled by the cable company, so what bonding you will get is dependent on them. As an example, when I first got my ‘120, only 2 channels were being bonded upstream, until (then) TWC changed their configuration to utilize more.