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A couple corrections/updates to what I wrote last night.

I don’t know where I got the idea about the ALT-F5 to bring up a terminal window — today I tried it in several different windows managers and it wasn’t doing anything.

If you right-click on the desktop, you probably will get a drop down menu that may have “terminal” as an option, or a maybe a “run” option. In that case, entering “terminal” will bring up a terminal window.

If you poke thru whatever menu your desktop provides, you may find “terminal”, “term”, “xterm”, or something similar.

If the terminal window you bring up has a font size that is a;most infinitely small, either whack the CTRL++ combo a few times, or maybe at the top there will be something where you can edit the profile.

The package manager I mentioned is “synaptic” — not “synaptics”.

Sorry about sort of not being specific on some of this — but a lot depends upon what desktop manager you are using.