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I’m not sure just where you are having the problem. Getting to a terminal window? or running the commands?

Somewhere (depending upon what desktop manager you run) you should have some command to open a terminal. That will essentially give you a window where you can enter commands on a line-by-line basis. It seems to me, that if you hit maybe an ALT-F5, you will get where you can enter a command to run, and maybe at that point giving it terminal will get you into that terminal window.

Another way would be to hit a SHIFT-ALT-F! (or F2 thru maybe F5) and that brings up a terminal window where you have to log in. (You need your username and password for that). And, an ALT-F7 takes you back to the GUI screen.

If you have the synaptics package installed, that (for me) gives a very user-friendly way to add, delete, and massage software from the GUI.

Back to using the SHIFT-ALT-F? method above — you won’t have the mouse available in those screens, while if you bring up a terminal in the GUI you will. For your need right now, that isn’t a big deal.

In a terminal window running man apt-get or man dpkg will give you a lot of information on those commands.

Does this help? Or did I miss what you are stuck on?