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You know what’s almost worse than systemd‘s commandeering the debug argument? The Ubuntu (maybe Debian) boot scripts used to commandeer that also. All I wanted to do is pass a debug argument to the kernel, and all the sudden I’m getting dumped into a shell instead of completing the boot process.

Despite all the positive things Poettering has contributed to FOSS, his seeming arrogance at times is astounding to me, as exemplified by his intransigence on the debug kernel option and systemd.

Overall, PA is pretty good, especially its ability to regulate the level of each application wanting sound. It’ll even boost a source beyond 100%, so something with really low audio can be more audible. It also is helpful for routing sound too, for example to distribute it to several output devices. It’s just really sad to see that something like FF won’t work properly without it. There are a number of solution pages here and there which recommend uninstalling pulseaudio in order to get something to work.

The problem I have been having with PulseAudio is how it is invoked in Xubuntu sessions (via Upstart). What this means is, if I kill PA, it gets restarted automatically. I needed it gone so that JACK can work, so that Ardour can work. What I ended up doing was something like this in /usr/bin/pulseaudio:

sleep 30

It’s just weird that I have to go to such lengths to get things to work.