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Well, you have narrowed things down. Looks like one of the updates is doing something less than good to the sound system.

For Win 10, can you uninstall updates (one at a time)? In previous versions of Windows many updates could be could be uninstalled (but not all). Also, you could “hide” updates so they would not get installed. Not sure how that works in 10 tho, with almighty Microsoft making updates mandatory.

Certainly you can do another system restore back to that previous point where you fixed the problem before. Then, if you can lock out the pending updates, maybe you can find which one is causing the problem.

If it is a driver problem — maybe in device mangler you can roll back the driver.

Remember the sound system has gotten far more complicated than just the driver for the sound card.

And, I assume the sound system isn’t working at all — not just maybe in a particular browser.