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Great! At least you didn’t spend money on a new sound card, that may, or may not, have worked.

I’m not currently running Win 10 here, but rather Win 7. (I had a problem with the Win 10 where an update killed my ethernet connection. That was real bad news!)

Maybe if you can find System Information on the Win 10, it might tell you what it thinks your sound card is. In Win 7 I would bring up in the START menu ACCESSORIES, then SYSTEM TOOLS, and SYSTEM INFORMATION. Then pick COMPONENTS. Probably Win 10 is different.

Another possible way is to poke around in your BIOS. It might give some indication as to what the sound card hardware is. In my case, in looking at the PCI components, I found my TV card and it gave a identification number of 14F1:5B7A. I dropped that into Google, and got a lot of hits for my exact TV card.

Not trying to push Linux too much, but there, at the command line, a
ls pci
will give lots of info about hardware.

Make a note of the audio drivers your system is using now (that work) and that might help the next time Microsoft kills your audio.