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You’re right, Nick. The enterprise distros have added features and a separate license to cover those components. I was thinking more about the typical home user distros.

It’s a different animal because Microsoft can just cover everything with a single EULA whereas a Linux distribution is made up of parts covered by many different licenses. Often the artwork and logos will have more restrictive redistribution terms (why we ended up with Iceweasel), but those still don’t restrict use so they are not EULAs.

It’s noteworthy that one needs to browse around on the Kali and Ubuntu sites in order to read the terms. The fact that I can go straight to the download pages without seeing them would render them unenforceable under the standard set in Nguyen v. Barnes & Noble, Inc.

About the Purple Wi-fi story that started this, that too would almost certainly be unenforceable under the doctrine of unconscionability. So consumers do have some reassurance that businesses can’t insert completely outrageous terms and hold people to them.