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I guess you have to put up with whatever they want to dump on you. Most of those “agreements” are so lopsided I doubt they would really hold up in court. Well, that is if you didn’t agree to not go to court.

The very way the EULA is given to you to read tells you they want to make sure you won’t read it. Maybe in a tiny window possibly 24 characters wide, and with no provision for printing or saving the thing.

The most absurd case I ran into was, I think, Adobe with their Acrobat reader. You had to confirm you had read it before you could install the reader, but you needed the reader to view the agreement. Then, that was one big file, with a bunch of different language sections in it, and no way to find the one section that was in English.

And, you buy a software package, with the EULA on the DVD, and if you don’t agree, you are to return it to the place of purchase — but they won’t take it back because you opened the package.

This nonsense extends to many things, not just software. I bought a flashlight, and inside the package they included the agreement that I had agreed to by opening the package. That included submitting all claims to arbitration, by their chosen arbitrators, and not to participate in any class-action suit, and so on.

So, why read these things and get upset?