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Seems like replacing the sound card, unless you are sure it is bad, is the most expensive way to go.

I assume you only have the Win 10 as an operating system. Why not d/l one of the many live Linux CDs that are out there, and see if when you use one of those if the sound is working?

Maybe before even doing that, instead of just replacing the drivers, you go into the device mangler and uninstall the sound card. Then reboot, so Windows has a chance to detect the hardware over again, and load the drivers it thinks you need. Far too many things can get twisted out of shape when it comes to drivers.

If you have a CD with the correct drivers, maybe using that would be better than letting Windows supply a driver they think is better, but may not be. They may have supplied an updated driver that isn’t really 100% right.

Sometimes the trouble shooters in Windows do work well. And, in the device mangler, it might give some clues if it showing any type of error condition for the sound device.