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My current stance is, there is little evidence to suggest anything other than eventually the whole Linux community will adopt systemd, so I might as well just learn how to use it. For the vast majority of day-to-day things, I’m proficient. It’s on balance not all that bad operationally. In philosophy, it’s quite bloated, and is very anti-Unix (do one and only one thing well, and provide easy-to-use interfaces, usually text on input and output (piping)). It makes Microsoft’s embrace and extend with standards look like child’s play. Still, it does provide a lot of useful facilities.

What really gets nuts is when something doesn’t work, despite all the friendliness of things like journalctl help messages, it can be maddening to try to figure out why something isn’t working or happening. As an example, I was sitting there with an unbootable system, in the emergency recovery shell, trying to mount something. Well, systemd is king of the hill, nothing, including mounting, happens without its express permission. The mount(8) command wouldn’t fail, it’s just that as soon as that was completed, apparently systemd was saying, “no, you don’t; umount”. All I needed was that one thing (I forget, could have been partition, maybe volume group lv) mounted to fix a config file on it, but the system wasn’t having anything of that. I think I eventually booted a live CD to edit that one file, and things were fine.

Just…some things are really stupid that way. Upstart was quite arguably much less of a pain. And a personal pet peeve, all the descriptions are capitalized, when there’s no reason (like “Getty On Console %i” or somesuch, instead of just “getty on console %i”).