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What I hate is Poettering’s in-your-face, you-adapt-because-we-don’t-have-to attitude. A good example is when he decided to usurp a long-used kernel command line argument for systemd’s own purposes. This caused some people to have their consoles spammed with systemd messages, and no particularly good way to get that not to happen. IIRC, the kernel developers’ response was to include kernel code which checked which process was trying to do certain things, and deny it to anything called systemd due to this decidedly non-community behavior.

Another example is their stance on programming. As an example, their attitude is your network daemons ought to be more robust and resilient to not having network, instead of doing things like making network services depend on the “network facility” finishing its startup. While Poettering sort-of has a point, it’s mostly an edge case, and bloats every network service by having it have all sorts of “does the machine have an address now?” code and similar, whereas 99.3% of the time, just waiting for the network startup to complete would be quite sufficient.

My current problem is NTP rarely starts because of this. I have to add scripting to /etc/rc.local to check if it’s running, and if not, start it.