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Yeah, things get interesting when they start calling something you’re used to “legacy” software.

Over the past 4 or 5 years I’ve used about 20 Linux distros and have wound up liking the Debian based ones best. On my desktop machine I’ve settled in with Debian and LMDE – on my laptop I use Bunsen Labs (‘Arch Bang Reborn’ as they say) but Debian is the workhorse of the three. And yup, there have been a few glitches, but nothing horrendous.

The project’s description of Stretch (Debian 9) includes salient comments like:

“…the default MySQL variant is now MariaDB.”
“…the X display system no longer requires root privileges to run.”
“…The Stretch release is the first version of Debian to feature the modern branch of GnuPG in the gnupg package.”

Systemd 232 is just one item in a long list of included updated packages.

They’ve dedicated Stretch to the memory of Ian Murdock. When I was reading the arguments over systemd I was kind of leaning towards the side of those objecting to it, thinking Murdock would have taken that stance as well, but then I remembered his essay Do operating systems still matter? Even Torvald’s response seems to be a shrug of the shoulders. I guess it’s just us “legacy” types who get nostalgic about something like sysvinit.

Any way, I have downloaded Devuan 1.0.0 and burned it to a disc. Have only run it live briefly, but I’ll be loading it onto my lap top. If nothing else it’ll be interesting to watch how it holds up as systemd moves forward.