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systemd tries to replace everything

I run Debian on my desktop and all my servers but I’m not involved in its development. So I had to trust the community to make the right decision between staying with sysvinit, or choosing between upstart and systemd.

I had most of the same concerns that I think led to the fork; that systemd’s developers were willing to screw over BSD by promoting tight coupling between Linux and popular desktop software like KDE and Gnome. That systemd was bloated and tried to do too much (the above gif).

Fast forward a few years and it seems Gnome still works on BSD and I’ve mostly gotten used to systemd. I’ve written a few Unit files. I haven’t explored many of the *extra* features and still prefer doing things the old way with cron, autofs, syslog, etc.

There does seem to be some problems when using other software that depends upon cgroups such as Linux Containers. I was surprised to learn last month the Jessie didn’t support unprivileged containers (but they’ve just released Stretch so we’ll see).

Also, it was my impression that one could still use sysvinit in Debian if desired. I haven’t tried Devuan, but only because I haven’t tried any new distros in a while. The only other one I’m currently using is Arch on my Macbook. Arch went even further with systemd (no cron and no syslog by default). Debian at least has tried to maintain backwards compatibility for the init scripts and for other tools / services.