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You’ve hit upon a couple good points, but they bring up a couple questions.

First, my Win 7 Pro developed the “Black Screen of Death”. I tried everything I could think of to heal it, and nothing has worked. Early on (after the KSOD) I did make a copy of everything in that partition.

I thought I had been making good backups, but they were very incomplete.

I made another installation of Win 7, and have that running great. Moving the Thunderboid and Firefox profiles over was easy. But I have untold packages on the dead system I would like to salvage. I am assuming some, or all, of these have various entries in the registry. If so, how do I track those down? I am familiar with finding the registry hives on the dead system, but is it a matter of just searching the hives for package names, extracting entries, and adding to the new system registry? Seems like work!

The old system was on a drive with a MBR boot. The new drive uses GPT, so there is now the UEFI to contend with. I find on my system, you really can’t have both a MBR based disk and a UEFI based drive on the system at boot time. All things go nutz. For this salvage operation I got around this by mounting the old drive in an ESATA enclosure and activating it after the boot.

The original system has a long history. It was originally XP, then got updated to 7 Home, and finally to 7 Pro. Each of these levels has it’s own product ID. But, only the last one (to the Pro) is current. And, since that upgrade was via on online update, there was no CDROM disk involved. And, Microsoft won’t let me download a disk ISO, since that ID is for an upgrade. So, I don’t have a Win 7 Pro CD that will work with trying to do a repair/install. I have simplified this, even tho it doesn’t seem like it!

Anyone got any help ideas?