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Microsoft has quit making any updates for any version of windows older than win10

Just because the show is spreading this myth doesn’t mean we have to.
Windows 7 is supported until 2020 and 8 until 2023.
“Is the Extended Hotfix Support program required for customers to receive security updates?”
“No. If a security update is created, it will be made available to all customers through the standard security release process. The monthly security release occurs on the second Tuesday of the month.”

Unfortunately the show is confusing Extended Hotfix Support (which is paid) with Extended Support which all customers receive. The vagueness and ever shifting narrative is not helping their case. Just last week in response to a caller I heard “yes you get some security updates”. So are you guys saying other security updates are for paid support customers only? Prove it. I’d like to know why the entire PC journalism industry (and Microsoft’s website) is wrong and Sound Bytes is right.,2817,2475079,00.asp
“Your computer will still work and receive security updates. Mainstream support mainly refers to free phone and online support, as well as non-security updates”
“Once an operating system enters extended support, it’s still very safe to use. It means that Microsoft will continue to patch any security threats but won’t add any new features”
“Mainstream support” is the period during which Microsoft provides for free security and non-security updates and telephone support for its products. “Extended support” — the period during which Microsoft continues to provide for free security updates for products — doesn’t end until January 14, 2020 for Windows 7 SP1.
“You’ll still receive those oh-so-critical security patches during extended support”

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