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In general, if a site or device requires a specific Web browser, I move on. Whoever is providing the product or service will “feel” the consequences of their decision. There are some things you can try.

1.) Use the site anyway, and hope there is nothing that truly requires MS.

2.) Use something in your browser (such as an add-on) which fakes the User-Agent: string sent, hoping this is what’s causing the “complaint.” Hopefully the “other end” will serve up enough useable code to work OK.

3.) Try running IE under Wine. (Not sure you can still download IE as a separate installer anymore, or if it’ll complete installation, but I thought I’d mention it.)

4.) Run some copy of Windows in a virtual machine.

I know of one such product which will absolutely not work in anything but MS browsers, and that was (at least some version of) BMC Service Desk Express, and that’s because it use(d) VBScript. (for years, I’ve been out of the company where I used it, not sure it still requires an MS browser of if BMC has seen their way to be more diverse.)

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