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This board is acting goofy tonight.

I switched totally over to Spectrum last Friday. I did have the 30/5 internet speed from Time Warner and for our TV needs we used DirecTV.

I went into the Webster,NY Spectrum store and dealt face to face with one of the salesmen there. I subscribed to the Silver Level package which gives us 175 channels, and a DVR. I also got a regular cable box for the bedroom TV for $4.99 more a month. I have one of their modems now as there is no more modem fee and their modem is newer and better than the one that I own and was using here. So the package includes the 60/5 internet and a phone (which we will probably never use). I had some time left on my DirecTV contract and Spectrum is sending me a check for the cancellation penalty fee. (less than $100)

So we are paying $129 and change a month now for a year. I was told that this price would go up around $30 after a year. (at current retail rates) Our previous monthly expense was approaching $190 for the 30/5 internet (we were still in a promo for that at $49.99 a month) and DirecTV. We had no extras with DirecTV. 2 boxes for two TV’s. What I like about the new Spectrum TV package is that the Silver and Gold level includes premium movie channels. Silver and Gold both have all of the HBO, Cinemax, and Showtime channels and the Gold level adds Starz to that lineup and some other channels. The 175 channel lineup for us is perfect.

Now then,setting all of this up properly did take some of my time and effort to get things right. I had to make a few calls to Spectrum, but all is well now. I am seeing good speed. It isn’t Greenlight, but this will suffice for now as I wait for them to get the signups that they need in my neighborhood. They have my deposit. 🙂