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My browser of choice is Firefox because of the plethora of addons available for it (I use about 30), the fact that Classic Theme Restorer makes it sane again (what a flop Australis is to me), and the fact that none of the UI elements is animated. Chrome is obsessed with animating everything, starting with opening its main menu. Opera and Vivaldi similarly can’t just do their work, they have to make things zoom and slide and fade and…

I do have the latest Chrome built for Ubuntu and Opera 12.16 installed. This is for when sites will not render or work in Firefox (or at least with all the addons loaded, some of which might accidentally remove functionality, e.g. NoScript).

I keep Opera around (at least the 12.16 version, before they ruined it) because it has one really useful feature, different rendering modes. The two main ones are “author” and “user.” The former refers to the author of the page, and the latter the user of Opera. So when pages do stupid things, like only show one FAQ at a time and use JS tricks which alter CSS, I let the page load under author mode then click a button to bring up user mode, and generally any layout stupidity is “repaired” and I can more easily read the page. In that way, it works similarly to Firefox’s “Reader” mode, but for some reason, Firefox does not offer that for every page, and I don’t know what triggers the button to use it to appear.

My main MUA is Mutt, and for anything HTML-only, it runs Lynx. So in essence I also use Lynx, although it’s very rare I use it to browse the Web.

Just for experimentation, should I ever come across something strange with those main three, I have a handful of other really tiny user share browsers (like Dooble) installed, but my usage of them is really rare.

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