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I still use mainly Firefox I guess chiefly because of time invested in acquiring and configuring extensions. For the set I have, I do not know if all of them have equivalents in Chrome. If a page does not seem to render or function correctly in FF, I will try it in Chrome. And I have only a few extensions in Chrome, the majority of which are in-browser Google services (Hangouts, Sheets, Keep, etc.) so has minimal “interference.”

Firefox also seems to be the only major browser which doesn’t insist on being cutesy with fading, zooming, sliding, etc. animation. Or at least there is no animation with Classic Theme Restorer installed. (Yes, like MS Windows 8, Australis was a terrible mistake.) Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi, etc. all insist that plain menus and such are stupid and every last damned thing MUST be animated. And that is just one of my pet peeves, annoying me to no end. I don’t care how quick the animation is, if it is even perceptible, it is a waste of time and CPU/GPU, and therefore electricity.

This change in architecture to multiprocess ought to be interesting. Hopefully this will improve security and stability due to isolation. I also hope there is a preference to use threading or processes, even if it’s only an about:config entry, in case one of the extensions doesn’t work with the new model.

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