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Well, I’m not sure I’m really much help. But here are a couple thoughts that run thru my mind — as empty as it is at times.

When you set your permissions I assume those are set for everyone.

Doesn’t hostname -1 always return an IP address? In my case it is returning — which I think is close to the IP for the box. That would be for the loopback device, so should always be there.

I think where you find reference to init scripts, that probably is a reference to the ones in the rc.* family, maybe in /etc/rc?.d.
Interesting reading, if nothing else.

And, as an afterthought — when you find a solution to your problem, please let us know. That may help others.

As far as cron goes, do a man on cron and also crontab. Crontab is the user interface for editing the cron configuration. I generally use crontab -e –that seems to handle what I need. Just read the man crontab page first, especially as far as what edit package you will get hit with! I like to use nano (or pico) and that is as exotic as I need for my work — but in some installations crontab invokes some of the more sophisticated editors. The headers in the cron file are such to describe the format of each line.

Have you tried just using your aoss pianobar in the rc.local script?

And, please — when you find a solution to the problem, let us know. That information will help others.

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